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The Joys of Teaching

The Joys of Teaching

As many of you all may know, I am an English teacher. I am not just some ordinary teacher. I teach English as a foreign language in Taipei, Taiwan. School teaching is a very interesting job. It is full of prepping, learning your students personalities, working with...

Punk Rock in Taipei

Punk Rock in Taipei

  Last Saturday night, I went to a Punk Rock concert. I felt like I was back in high school or my early college years. It was in a location called The Wall Live House. It was an underground venue with lights, crowds of people, a mosh pit, and of course the band....

Airbnb: Home away from home

Airbnb: Home away from home

  People often book hotels, hostels, resorts, and guesthouses while traveling. The concept of renting out a bedroom to strangers can be a little scary. The concept of living in someone else’s home as a guest can make some feel uncomfortable as well. Airbnb has...

7/11: Much more than a Big Gulp

7/11: Much more than a Big Gulp

  Have you ever been to a 7/11? If you are in America reading this, you may think of the 7/11 as a place where you go get gas, maybe some beer, snacks, or even a Big Gulp. In Taiwan, 7/11 is something much more than that. Honestly, I haven’t seen a 7/11 with gas...

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