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Sun Moon Lake 3K Plunge

Sun Moon Lake 3K Plunge

Typhoons, Taiwanese BBQ, and of course a three kilometer swim across Sun Moon Lake is what I call a small adventure. If you don’t know much about Taiwan, you may not realize that when events happen there is always a chance of typhoons, sitting and eating, and hoping...

Pacaya, the volcano with fire

Pacaya, the volcano with fire

Going to Central America brought out more than I had expected. I had heard about Volcanoes, food, coffee, and chocolate, but quite honestly did not expect to see all of those in a new perspective. The Volcanoes alone is something has really intrigued my sense of...

Turtle Island, Taiwan

Turtle Island, Taiwan

Oftentimes, we sit back and watch other people do the things we often try to plan and try to pursue. For instance, seeing pictures of people climb Machu Picchu, and realizing this year we were too late to sign up. My wife, Sarah and I finally set up a trip to Turtle...

Many Memories, No Regrets, Traveling with Sarah Cheung

Many Memories, No Regrets, Traveling with Sarah Cheung

Recently, I have realized that my travels and adventures do not just include me. I am not a solo traveler even though I have done solo travels in the past. Since Moving to Taiwan, I have had a companion to join me on numerous adventures and travels. Her name is Sarah...

Meet Steve and Sarah

padar island Indonesia

Padar Island, Indonesia

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