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Stegosaurus Ridge, the Jurassic Hike

Stegosaurus Ridge, the Jurassic Hike

Having days off to do what you like to do makes the most out of any moment. When Sarah suggested to go hiking on our Tuesday off, we were set to head off to one of the best hikes in Northern Taiwan. It is called Stegosaurus Ridge. It is one of those hikes that last...

Mirissa, Sri Lanka: the Beach Town

Mirissa, Sri Lanka: the Beach Town

Beach town, beach town, beach town. If you ever wanted a good beach town to go to it would be a visit to Mirissa, Sri Lanka. It has what you want. It has the chill vibe, the surfing, the bars, the sun, the beautiful blue water, waves, sunsets, and even some beautiful...

Raja and the Whales

Raja and the Whales

Sometimes while traveling you have to listen to some of the other travelers on your way to get some good ideas. While traveling in Sri Lanka, I had heard a ton of people talk about whale watching in Mirissa. It was something that sounded so cool. I, obviously, wanted...

The Wormhole

The Wormhole

Sometimes the weather is crap. Sometimes it is rainy, windy, hot, cold, and whatever else could happen. Lets just say in good weather things are more exciting to do. In the summer of Taiwan, it is usually hot. When it is hot it is best to stick with water activities....

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