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The Time We Ran out of Money While Traveling

The Time We Ran out of Money While Traveling

Have you ever ran out of money while traveling? Has the thought that you may be stuck without cash to move around in a foreign country? Don’t worry too much if it has not happened to you, but it has certainly happened to us.Preparation for a trip:'Before every trip, I...

The Blue Tears of Matsu

The Blue Tears of Matsu

In Taiwan, there happens to be amazing sites to see. There are many mountains to climb. The country is full of amazing things from hot springs, beautiful scenery, and the people are quite nice. One of the coolest things that I saw in Taiwan was the Blue Tears of...

6 Ways to get Cheap Accommodation

6 Ways to get Cheap Accommodation

Looking for cheap accommodation may not be as easy as most people think while they travel. There are many considerations people do choose. Places to choose can be a hard choice. Do I go with hotels, hostels, Airbnb, homestays, or do I even couch surf? Where will I...

Travel Makes Me Nervous

Travel Makes Me Nervous

Have you ever thought to yourself, why do people want to travel? Why do they leave the comfort of their home? For instance, I have heard people say, "I like my bed", "I like the comfort of my home", and "I have no need to leave." To me it sounds like people could be...

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