Top 5 Weirdest Fears Living in Taiwan

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This may not sound rational, but I have some fears living in Taiwan. They are irregular fears. If you think really hard, maybe you too will have fears along the same lines.

Taiwan is a beautiful place that is full of food, scooters, people, nature, and some great weather. That does not mean it is perfect. So here it goes my top 5 weirdest fears living in Taiwan.

5. Getting Lost with Google Maps

Sometimes Google maps messes up. Sometimes the map may take you in the wrong direction for about five minutes. It is true not all navigation apps are created perfect. The closest to perfection would be Google Maps. If you ever get lost, hopefully Google Maps can direct you. If not, bad luck to you my friend.

4. Not knowing what to eat.

Taiwan is full of Night Markets, food stands, different types of food from all over. The decisions become overwhelming. Should I have dumplings, rice, dumpings (not to be confused with dumplings), beef soup, hot pot, curry, lunch box, tofu, duck, or something else? The list is endless. I sometimes find it hard to make the easiest decision. What should I eat tonight?

3. Forgetting to put on Deodorant

Ever walked outside wanting to go for a walk somewhere, and not noticing that you had forgotten to put deodorant on. Yes, it happens. Then you may start to smell yourself hoping you are not the smelly guy on the train. It has happened. I now carry deodorant wherever I go. Making sure that I am not that smell person that everyone looks at. Big Fear for sure.

2. Not Having Money

Taiwan deals mainly in cash. Cash is literally king. Credit cards are not used as often as the rest of the Western World. If you do run out of money, there are usually ATMs everywhere. It is sometimes a fear not knowing if you will have enough money. So buck up, and bring enough cash to your destinations while in Taiwan. Taiwan cash that is.

1.  Getting Hit by a Bus

This is not a weird fear. This a logical rational fear. The bus drivers in Taiwan are crazy. Be very wary of them. I ride an Aloma 6 speed bike. It gets me to the gym and to the metro station. It is scary when you hear a bus right behind you going at max speed. I could die.

In Conlusion

In Conclusion, there are not really any great fears about Taiwan. Most people do not want to be the smelly individual on the train. Most people want to make sure they have enough cash to get them from A to Z, and most importantly be careful in the streets. The scooters, cars, and taxis will make sure you are safe. Who know about the crazy bus drivers.

Life is good enjoy it.

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”

By: Franklin D. Roosevelt


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