Taiwan has many great qualities about it. It is a country that is beautiful. There are many great people that live in the country. The food is very excellent. Everything is cheap. The best part is the country is very convenient. I would like to share with you five things that I love about Taiwan.

1. The Scenery

You cannot talk about Taiwan unless you talk about the scenery. The country is full of green vegetation, rolling hills, high mountains, and some nice beaches. There are countries with better beaches, but Kenting, Taiwan has some of the best beaches in the country.

With the beautiful scenery comes the opportunity to do many different outdoor activities. The country screams for outdoor enthusists to climb the mountains, hike the trails, surf the waves, and do anything that is outdoors.

It is quite easy to find an adventure during the week or even during the weekends. Taiwan is one of the best unknown places for the great scenery if offers to so many people.

taiwan scenery

2. The Food

When you are talking about things to love about countries, you must talk about the food, as long as the food is good. In Taiwan, people talk about the food. It is cheap, accessible, and you can find a shop or stand all over the place.

Some of the classic food you can get in Taiwan would be like noodles, dumplings, rice, and meat to go along with that. It is ordinary and classic.

Then you have the food you must eat while in Taiwan. There is the famous Beef Noodle Soup. It is delicious, and you must have some while in Taiwan. You may also be a bit more adventurous and taste the delicious “Stinky Tofu.” The smell may put you off, but the taste is quite delicious. There is also Mango Shaved ice that most people should grab for a great dessert. There are also classic Taiwanese Brunch shops everywhere.

There is so much great food to choose from. Interesting enough, in Taipei there is also a great variety of international food you must eat as well like Ramen, Malayasian, Vietnamese, and even some classic Hot Pot.

 So much food, and it is great to eat it.

beef noodle soup

3. Taiwan is Cheap

When you think of Asia, people think it is cheap. That is so true. The Philippines is crazy cheap. Indonesia is such a great cheap location, and the list goes on with Thailand and Vietnam. We often do not think of Taiwan being cheap.

Taiwan is a developed country like Japan, Korea, and Singapore. The good thing is that Taiwan is way cheaper than these countries. The food is cheap. You can spend 50 NT($1.60 USD) for 10 dumplings. You can buy most food for around 100 NT, which is like $3 USD. Breakfast is cheaper, but the food is cheap.

Transportation is cheap as well. Four stops on the local MRT (Metro Railway Transit) will cost 16 NT ( $0.50 USD). A bus ride to most places in Taipei is around 15NT, and a bus ride to farther places will cost a bit more. Overall, the transportation is cheap.

Even if you want to ride a bike, you can a rent a Ubike for about 15NT per hour or 5NT for the first 30 minutes inside Taipei. In New Taipei, the first 30 minutes is free.

 Cheap transportation is the best.

4. The People

Taiwanese people are extremely nice and kind. You may not know Chinese, but they will go out of their way to help anyone. They will even spark up a conversation with you to practice their English. If you want you can practice your Chinese with them. It is great.

They are so nice, that I would say it is one of the safest countries in the world to hitchhike. I would not advice this to anyone in any countries, but my wife, Sarah, and I have hitchhiked several times.

If you need some help or look lost, someone is bound to come across and offer assistance. They will offer you food, assistance, and kind little smile. If you know a bit of Chinese you can even get stuck in a conversation. It is great.

 Taiwan has been voted one of the safest countries in the world. There are no guns, and people are generally helpful towards others. What more can you ask for when you are visiting this country.

5. Convenient

If you ask anyone in Taiwan about what they describe the country as they would say “convenient.” It is true. This country is convenient. There are convenience stores on every corner.

Taiwan literally has the most 7/11s per capital in the World. For the 23million people there are around 6,700 7/11s. You can do everything from a 7/11. There is one in Taipei that actually has a gym. You can eat there, drink there, pay bills, make copies, have packages delievered there, and even do some laundry.

 There is food everywhere. If you are hungry you can go to a Night Market. If you do not want to do that there are plenty of shops and restaurants so close to you. In the smaller towns, that may not be as true, but in the bigger metropolitan areas food is bountiful.

The local transportation can get you everywhere, and it can do that for cheap. You can be in the mountains in like 30 minutes. You can be at the beach in like an hour or even shorter depending on which beach you want to go to. This is all done by bus or train. The transportation is cheap as well.

I live in Taipei and ride a bike everywhere. Everything is so close, and convenient that I just do not miss a cars. I do not miss driving 15 minutes to find a good place to eat, when I can walk may 20 meters and food is good. Taiwan is convenient, and I love the convenience.


Come to Taiwan

If you are coming to Taiwan make sure to eat the food, take a visit in a 7/11, visit the mountains, and meet some locals. You will have a blast, and you may even fall in love with the country.

 Several friends of ours come to Taiwan for one year to teach or learn Chinese. That is their expectation. Then they eventually stay for 2-5 years. It is because life is easy, convenient, and the people are just so nice. It is great.


“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

If you have any questions about Taiwan let me know in the comments section. I love Taiwan, and my wife, Sarah, and I have been here for more than 2 years living and loving it. 

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