Sometimes the weather is crap. Sometimes it is rainy, windy, hot, cold, and whatever else could happen. Lets just say in good weather things are more exciting to do. In the summer of Taiwan, it is usually hot.

When it is hot it is best to stick with water activities. One of our favorite water activities is River Tracing. River Tracing is basically an outdoor activity that takes us walking through rivers.

Recently, we took a group of people and led them down a river to the Wormhole, Taiwan. Half the group had never river traced before, but after our short fun trip it was something they kept talking about.

Our crew in the middle of the water of the Wormhole

The Planning Stage of a trip:

When going on new and exciting adventures in Taiwan, Sarah usually comes up with a pretty good plan. She starts thinking about things on Tuesday and asking some the Taipei hikers, getting people together, and researching the various different routes to get those places.

We often go to a site called Followxiaofei. He is an American that has described places to go, but Sarah really puts some of these down in the details of our trips.

Our Trip:

This Trip started like any other trip. We had our trio of river tracers, Sarah, Wayne, and myself, plus we had added with us a couple more people.

We all met up for some breakfast to go over our plans, make sure we were ready, and headed over to the que for the 795 Bus coming out of Muzhou. This was the Bus to take us to the spot to walk down the rushing river to the Worm Hole. We were ready for our ride.

After a half hour of riding the bus we reached our destination. It only costs us $15NT (50 cents in USD). There we walked down a path in our flip flops carrying our waterproof bags, food, and other necessities for our trip.

( Everyone needs their own River Tracing shoes when going on such an adventure. These are special shoes that felt on the bottom to help with gripping the rocks. They are not a 100% proof of not slipping on the rocks, but they are better than anything else. )

We grabbed our gear and took the first step on our trace. We took a plunge into the water from one of the cliffs. It was one of just many different jumping spots we could do.

Then we started our trace down the various little water falls. We stepped over rocks, and slipped and slided through cracks in the river. We found spots to jump of rocks, and many opportunities to take pictures and just enjoy the fun of the river. Eventually, we made it to the section where most people come down to the river to swim to the Worm Hole.

The Worm Hole is not just any place. It is small narrow river bed up against these beautiful rock walls that are green and pretty. The water has a greenish glow that is about a 120 m swim through the Worm Hole.

There is a place for most people to stop and take a break and a breath. It is also a place to climb up to the top of a jumping section. It is a little over 3 meters, and the thrill of the jump is amazing. As you climb up there is the fear that you may slip or that it is just to high. While looking down below you can only think “Should I jump.”

Then you hear the crown count “ 3, 2, 1.” Then it is all over. You jump!! You come up with cheers, and realize that was so much fun. Then the groups swims to the end of the Worm Hole as they pass by a beautiful waterfall.

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Wormhole Information:

  • The Wormhole is located in Pingxi
  • It is located in the Shiding District of New Taipei City.
  • It is considered a Slot canyon with a 120 meters from one end to the next.

How to Get There:

  • Take the MRT to Muzha Station.
  • Take Bus 795 from Muzha Station.
  • Go to this address:
  • Address: No. 34, ShuangQing Highway, Shiding District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.
  • If all else fails take a look at Followxiaofei's blog. There are maps, but these directions should help you on your way.

What to Bring?

  • Dry Bag
  • River Tracing Shoes or shoes for water.
  • Flotation device (if swimming is not your strongsuit, or for fun)
  • Water and or some food.
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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”  Saint Augustine

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