Welcome To Taiwan

Taiwan is country full of beauty.There is so much to do and see in this country. You can visit the beaches and surf. There are mulitple hikes you can go in the mountains. The hot springs are a great place to take a soak. The people are one of the kindest that you will meet in the world. Why not come, visit, eat, and enjoy yourself in this wonderful country. It is a place you will want to put down on your bucket list. 
The Joys of Teaching

The Joys of Teaching

As many of you all may know, I am an English teacher. I am not just some ordinary teacher. I teach English as a foreign language in Taipei, Taiwan. School teaching is a very interesting job. It is full of prepping, learning your students personalities, working with...

Punk Rock in Taipei

Punk Rock in Taipei

  Last Saturday night, I went to a Punk Rock concert. I felt like I was back in high school or my early college years. It was in a location called The Wall Live House. It was an underground venue with lights, crowds of people, a mosh pit, and of course the band....

7/11: Much more than a Big Gulp

7/11: Much more than a Big Gulp

  Have you ever been to a 7/11? If you are in America reading this, you may think of the 7/11 as a place where you go get gas, maybe some beer, snacks, or even a Big Gulp. In Taiwan, 7/11 is something much more than that. Honestly, I haven’t seen a 7/11 with gas...


  • Population: 23.5 million
  • Captial: Taipei
  • Currency: New Taiwan Dollar
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Religion: Buddist, Taoism, Christian, and Islam
  • Time Zone: GMT +8

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