Sri Lanka

Welcome To Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. It is full of tea, roti, beautiful beaches, elephants and other wild animals, and a sense of adventure. This country comes with something for everyone. Visit Sri Lanka, it is a place you will want to put down on your bucket list. 
My Top 4 Hostels in Sri Lanka

My Top 4 Hostels in Sri Lanka

Have you ever not known where to stay while in a foreign country? Have you ever wondered which is really the best of the best in terms of hostels, hotels, or guest houses? When traveling around I opt to stay in hostels most of the time. They tend to be convenient,...

Mirissa, Sri Lanka: the Beach Town

Mirissa, Sri Lanka: the Beach Town

Beach town, beach town, beach town. If you ever wanted a good beach town to go to it would be a visit to Mirissa, Sri Lanka. It has what you want. It has the chill vibe, the surfing, the bars, the sun, the beautiful blue water, waves, sunsets, and even some beautiful...

Raja and the Whales

Raja and the Whales

Sometimes while traveling you have to listen to some of the other travelers on your way to get some good ideas. While traveling in Sri Lanka, I had heard a ton of people talk about whale watching in Mirissa. It was something that sounded so cool. I, obviously, wanted...


  • Population: 21.7 million
  • Captial: Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
  • Currency: Sri Lankan rupee(LKR)
  • Language: Sinhala, Tamil, English
  • Religion: Buddist, Hindouism, Islam, Christianity
  • Time Zone: GMT +5.30

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