Sometimes while traveling you have to listen to some of the other travelers on your way to get some good ideas. While traveling in Sri Lanka, I had heard a ton of people talk about whale watching in Mirissa. It was something that sounded so cool. I, obviously, wanted to go. Everyone I had met, was saying that “Raja and The Whales” was the best company to go with.” They had a great reputation for being safe with the whales. They never chased them. It was guaranteed that you would see a whale. So I chose to go with them.

Whale watching with Raja and The Whales:

This was truly an experience that I could not stop talking about. Being able to go whale watching was something that I had heard you must do while in Mirrissa, Sri Lanka. The price was about $6700 LKR which is like $45 USD. Don’t look at the price because the experience was worth every penny. Raja’s is know as the best whale watching in Mirrissa, Sri Lanka. They go and see blue whales and spot at least 5-7 on each tour. My hostel JJ’s Hostel was able to book the tour and we were able to go for some adventure.

My tour was a bit different than we had expected. We saw so many wonderful things I just told everyone I met about it. Lets get down to it.

The Morning of Whale Watching:

We started out at the early hour of 6 a.m to get picked up and get on the boat for our voyage at 6:30. We signed waivers and certain people received seasickness pills. We were served an amazing breakfast with a plate full of a ton of fruit. Then we had a choice of an omlete or eggs that were scrambled. It was some great food.

The Journey to Find Whales:

We set off for our journey to see Blue whales. We did not expect to see so many wonderful animals all in this five hour tour. As we traveled through out the sea, the guys sat and looked out for the sign for any whales. Then it happened, the spotted something in the distance. It was a pod of pilot whales, which was a rare sight to see at this time of year. That was not what we were after, but it was entertaining. Then as we sat and talked with several of the other passengers and listening to their stories, we heard the call from the guys again.

The Blue Whale:

Finally, the spotted the great Blue Whale. We were off to the races. The boat’s engine shut down in hopes the Blue Whale would stop to get close to us. Then it dived, and we waited to see if we can see it again. We did this several times. We spotted seven Blue Whales by 10:30 a.m. This was just so amazing seeing a massive blue whale just come up and down. I had never experienced this in the world. We were the boats that did not chase. We were the boats getting the best chances to see this magnificient creature that roams the seas. The tour was so amazing, but it did not end there.

World Race in Moldovia

The Return Back to Shore:

 We would later be blessed with a pod of ten sperm whales looking to mate with one massive male. That was so amazing. The guys were so amazed. It was as if they had never seen this before, which was probably  true. We were all just sitting there watching until the big sperm whale went off in the distance. He had chosen his mate, and she swam with him. The rest of the pod then did some nice diving down into the deeps of the ocean one by one. It was something just so amazing.

As we kept heading back we ran into a group of dolphins. That jumped and played as our boat kept going full steam towards shore. It was a beautiful site to see these creatures jump in the air, swim in front of the boat just playing. Dolphins just happen to be really cool in those regards. We were just fascinated.

The Trip Kept Amazing Us:

Then it happened… The most unbelievable thing that could ever happen on this trip happened. Someone spotted something shining in the water. The boat started to slightly turn as if we were about to go back into the ocean. As we came close we could see the sparkles from the water. It was a five-meter long whale shark just sitting very close to the surface of the water. We were in awe. The guides were jumping up with glee. People were sharing each other’s polarized glasses, as the photos were all being taken. This was a sight that not many see. It was a sight like the breaching of a blue whale. It was something so amazing that the pure jubilance of excitement cannot be expressed. It was beautiful.

My Rating of my trip:

There it was my trip. It was a trip with whales, food, excitement, and the eventual great stories to share with so many people. I was so excited to told everyone I met about it. People just wanted to sign-up and do the same as I did. I cannot express the amazingness of all that took place. Only these words on these pages can help create an image of something so amazing and worth the money. So if you go to Mirrissa, Sri Lanka, not only should you spend some time on the beach, but also spend some time going on a whale tour. Go and do Raja and The Whales. It is the best.

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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

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