Have you ever lost luggage? Have you ever been injured before while traveling or while not traveling? Have you ever had a flight cancelled?

I have to admit that I have not experienced any of these things while traveling, but I have heard many stories from friends and relatives that these things have happened.

My first question is “Do you have travel Insurance?”

My best man for my wedding traveled from Florida all the way to Melbourne, Australia for my wedding. What he didn’t know was that his luggage would get lost from Sydney to Melbourne.

The stress that his wife and he felt as they were jetlagged, had no clothes, and had no answers from the airlines that would necessarily help them.

I asked them about travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance is something that gives us peace of mind while traveling.

What happens when we get injured and do not have health insurance in the country we are in?

What happens if our luggage is lost?

What happens if the airlines cancel our flight?

My sister and her husband were flying back home, and being stuck in Charlotte just a few hours drive from Charleston their flight kept getting delayed. They took a chance to drive back. Their flight ended up being canceled.

I asked if they would get reimbursed for their flight. I asked if they had travel insurance.

Shit Happens:

Things happen. Shit happens. We sometimes cannot control everything that happens while we are traveling. It is sometimes the beauty of the adventure and the curse of it all.


In America and countries all over the world, we have car insurance, health insurance, accidental insurance, and even house and rental insurance. We like to make sure things are safe.

We like to make sure if there is an accident we are covered. If we get injured we will not go bankrupt as we go get medical treatments. All over the world people have insurance, but what about travel insurance?


Why have Travel Insurance?:

Do you have travel insurance? ? I really never thought about travel insurance before. It was never a thing that people had ever recommended to me. As I travel longer and longer I keep seeing that more and more people have travel insurance. Basically, it is something to protect you in case something bad happens.

Sarah, my wife, has shared with me several of her adventures where things have not gone so well. There was the time her and her friend crashed a car in New Zealand. She was fortunate enough to come out alive and not injured. She has also lost and broken cameras in several different countries and many other things. The question I asked her, did you have travel insurance?

Often times, we look and say, “we don’t need it, we will be fine, what could go wrong?” These are the sayings of people that have not experienced things that could go wrong. Insurance is basically the way we protect ourselves.

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Where do I get travel Insurance?:

What happens if your bags are lost? What happens if your camera is destroyed or stolen? What happens if you are injured in a foreign country?

Travel Insurance can help you out. I use World Nomads. They are the guys I trust. I have read stories and heard from other bloggers that use World Nomads. To me, they are the best in value, customer service, and affordability.

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Here are a couple of things World Nomads covers:

  • Emergency Overseas Medical
  • Medical Repatriation
  • Baggage
  • Pregnacy
  • Overseas Dental
  • Delayed Baggage
  • Travel Accidents
  • Travel Health
  • Stolen Credit Cards
  • Stolen Passports
  • Trip Cancelation
  • Death Overseas

If you want more information or even to get a quote, here is a link to the World Nomads website.

Travel insurance is not expensive. If you plan to travel you should plan to have something in place in case shit happens

Remember these rules while Traveling:

  1. Find a time and experience the world
  2. Get Travel Insurance
  3. Have Fun!

I find these rules the most effective while traveling.

Now go out there and travel, but don’t forget to leave home with some peace of mind. Get Travel Insurance!

“Life is short and the world is wide.” – Simon Raven

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