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Indonesia is a beautiful country full of volcanoes, islands, forest, and even some cool temples. This is a country that you can take trips around the islands and do diving. The country is so beautiful, and the food tastes good as well. Come to Indonesia, it is a place you will want to put down on your bucket list. 
Our Free Trip to Indonesia

Our Free Trip to Indonesia

People have always wondered how to travel without much money. I know I have looked at ways that my wife and I can travel for cheaper, without using much of our money, and have cool adventures along the way. Here is how we got a free trip to Indonesia.Picking a...

Spending 4 days in Labuan Bajo

Spending 4 days in Labuan Bajo

Many places you go have things you must do. You must do this and that. You research, read blogs, and then all of a sudden you have a preliminary plan to what you want to do. My wife Sarah and I do the same thing. We usually start off by reading some blogs and then may...


  • Population: 261 million
  • Captial: Jakarta
  • Currency: Indonesian rupiah (IDR)
  • Language: Indonesian
  • Religion: Buddist, Taoism, Christian, and Islam
  • Time Zone: GMT +7, +8

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