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Here are some of our recent posts and travels as we have traveled throughout the world. 

How to Travel with Cash, Credit Cards, and ATM Fees

How to travel with cash, credit cards, and atm fees? That is a question I am often asked by my friends. They ask, “how do you travel with money? Should I just bring a bunch of cash? How much will things cost? Are there ATMs?” I had friends ask these same questions...

6 Rules for Finding Cheap Flights

Have you ever wondered why people can score some great deals on flights? Why people tend to be always flying somewhere, but they do not always have the cash.   Flights are always a harder thing to figure out. You have to figure out when you will go, where to go, what...

My Top 4 Hostels in Sri Lanka

Have you ever not known where to stay while in a foreign country? Have you ever wondered which is really the best of the best in terms of hostels, hotels, or guest houses? When traveling around I opt to stay in hostels most of the time. They tend to be convenient,...

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