Have you ever been to a 7/11? If you are in America reading this, you may think of the 7/11 as a place where you go get gas, maybe some beer, snacks, or even a Big Gulp. In Taiwan, 7/11 is something much more than that. Honestly, I haven’t seen a 7/11 with gas here in Taiwan. There are more than 5,000 7/11s in Taiwan. There is one on almost every corner. Let me quickly explain the phenomenon of the 7/11.

There are many things you can do at a 7/11. Here are just a few:


Paying Bills: I would say almost all bills can be paid at a 7/11. The electric, water, gas, and any other bills can be paid at your local 7/11.

Buying Tickets: No more buying things online like movie tickets and concert tickets. Your local 7/11 can take care of this for you. Walk in, and boom they will take care of your entertainment needs. Did I mention, you can buy train tickets there as well.

Paying Tickets: If you are unfortunate enough and get a traffic ticket, guess what, you can pay for it at the 7/11.

Data Plans: 7/11 is the place to get more data for your phone. Out of data, no problem. Roll into the 7/11 and charge up your phone.

Post office needs: Best place to send packages and receive them would be your local 7/11. In Taiwan, it is easier to receive packages at your 7/11. Just bring an ID and boom you are set to go.

Faxes: You need to fax something, 7/11 will hook you up. Need to make important copies of stuff, 7/11 has your back.

Lottery #s: You all may not know this, but the Taiwan government does a lottery on receipts. 7/11 is the place to cash in these lottery receipts. Every receipt has a number on them and you can win money. I am racking up my receipts ready for a pay day.

If you all thought 7/11s were lame before, then you need to visit one in Taiwan. They are the place you visit to be hip. They are open 24 hours a day, even during Typhoons. They offer food, wifi, tickets, ATMs, concert tickets, movie tickets, bill pay, recharging data, and the multitude of other things you can't even imagine. 7/11 is the place to be.

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