There are so many things that could go wrong with a trip why even go? For starters, trips are fun. Trips have excitement, new experiences, and just full of stories to tell when you get home. The scary part about trips is what if something bad happens. This is usually a thought that crosses my mind. To keep my mind a bit more sane, I get travel insurance. That’s right insurance for your travels.

Here are 10 reasons to get travel Insurance.

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1. Trip Cancellation

Have you ever been ready for trip, but all of sudden you had to cancel? It happens. A member of family could die. Work may have you come in instead of taking your holiday. So many things could happen. What about all that money I just spent.

With Insurance, your trip can be covered. That sounds way better than losing a whole bunch of money.

2. Flight Cancellations and Delays

One of the worst parts of traveling is not arriving. When your flight is delayed it can be a pain. You may have your hotel booked, tours booked, drivers ready, and anything else. The worst thing is arriving at your destination without sleep because of a delayed flight or a cancelled flight.

My parents flew out to Taipei summer of 2018 to visit me. Their flight was delayed several times going to Beijing. They ended up getting to their hotel at 3 a.m. waking up at 6 a.m. for a tour. That sucks. They are not spring chickens and young either.

Thankfully Travel Insurance can help that out. Flight cancelled, no problem. Flight delayed, we have you covered. It still sucks, but at least you can get some compensation.

3. Baggage Delays

Baggage delays have to be the worst thing when landing in a new place. You made sure everything was smooth, and the airline may have forgotten to put your luggage on board. What a pain in the ass? ( pardon my French).

My best friend flew to Australia for my wedding. When he landed the luggage did not come from Sydney to Melbourne. The delay was a pain in the ass. Seriously… He was smart to grab some clothes from Kmart for him and his wife, and they made a claim to their insurance.

 Get some Insurance for this stuff. It happens more than you think. It happened to me, but I had arrived home where I had clothing.

4. Stolen Goods

Not every country is safe. I once lived in the U.S. there is crime everywhere. Seriously, I have traveled to a lot of countries. It can be a little stressful thinking that you could be robbed or pick pocked. It happens.

My wife had her camera stolen in Madrid. These things do happen. If you have Travel Insurance, these things will be less hurtful. Instead of feeling sadness you can make a claim.

 Remember use common sense while traveling. There are pick pockets out there.

5. Stolen Passport

Passports are the most important document I think you need while traveling. You cannot get out or in a country without it. If it is stolen have a copy of it. Then report it to your insurance to try to get some reparations. I always try to keep mine safe. There are pick-pockets in places so be careful.

6. Getting Sick or Injured

Have you ever been sick or injured? I hope the answer is a “yes.” Now when you are traveling you may not be near your home doctor. Everything may not be in English either so it is best to be covered. People get sick. Injuries do happen.

Ran into an 23 year old American in Indonesia that had a scooter crash. (It happens a lot). He was able to get fixed up in the hospital and didn’t pay a dime since his insurance covered it. Travel insurance is gold while traveling.

7. Car Rental Collision

Renting cars can be scary. What happens if you crash it? My wife did that once in New Zealand. It costs a lot of money to fix crashed cars, but thankfully for a good Travel Insurance you will be able to have some peace of mind, and travel without the worry of bankrupt due to a crash or collision.

8. Terroism or Civil War

This one is a fun one. So I was looking up what World Nomads covers for Americans. They cover Terrorism. Lets be honest, we live in a world that sometimes have things happen.

Just in August, we were in the lovely city of Santiago Chile. A few weeks ago riots broke out, there was a curfew over the city, and the army started storming the streets. If we were there and needed to get out we would be covered.

 If you are in the Middle East traveling, you would be covered. So why worry. Just have some fun, be smart, and make sure you have travel Insurance.

9. Accidental Dismemberment

Going to be honest, I have not heard of any stories for this one, but if you accidently lost an arm, leg, or anything else on your body the insurance would cover you. It would suck, but at least you are covered.

10: Accidental Death

A week ago there were articles talking about a young female traveler dying in Cambodia. Things happen, but it sucks when someone dies. With travel insurance, they have a life insurance policy that goes with it. If you die on a trip your loved ones will be compensated.

 I hope no one dies on a trip, but you might as well be covered.

Travel Insurance

These are my 10 reasons to have travel insurance. I never leave home without taking it. I know bad things happen. If I am covered I know that at least I don’t lose a ton of money because I forgot to bring it.

Usually, I go with World Nomads. They are my favorite company. They have a great rate. The customer service is amazing.

Remember shit happens, take insurance.

 Have any questions or comments, just post a comment and I will answer it. Stay safe, and travel with insurance.
“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

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